A case study of international brand

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A case study of international brand

Sociodemographic Characteristics of the Patient Sample Data Collection In-depth individual interviews were used to capture the richness and nuances of experiences, with a focus on participant perspectives. The interview guide Supplemental appendix, available at http: The same interviewer facilitated the 2 focus groups of family members to elicit their experience about the CM intervention.

All interviews and focus groups were audiotaped and transcribed verbatim. Analysis Two authors from different professional backgrounds F. Discrepancies and disagreements were discussed with other co-researchers. Pair debriefing, triangulation of researcher backgrounds C.

Interviews were conducted until the point of data saturation was reached. They were actively involved in developing their individualized services plans: Like the physiotherapist, that will be good for me.

The psychologist, that will be good, for sure. And last year I had a lot of expenses, unexpected, so I was a bit tight financially, so that counted for me, a lot. We used the Popote Express [a charitable canteen]…twice a week to give my husband a break with meal preparation.

This also allowed a closer follow-up when needed, as this man aged 59 years explained: This improved communication comforted them and nurtured a relationship of trust: So I found it very interesting, this way of addressing matters.

I was advised also on certain aspects concerning antidepressants, nutrition and diet. They all got together for half an hour and as I A case study of international brand saying earlier, half an hour with me, they offered their services to me and I chose what I was willing to accept.

These plans helped participants know where they were going, as expressed by a man aged 74 years: I found they worked well together. The experience of patients and family members was overall very positive.

Participants confirmed that, as their preferred contact with primary care, their CM nurse could inform, educate, support, and help them navigate in the health care system as well as advocate for them.

The CM nurses actively involved them in developing and carrying out their individualized services plan with other health care partners. Participants reported improved access, communication, coordination, and involvement in decision-making as well as better health care transitions.

As we mentioned above, to date, 3 studies conducted in England examined patient experience of CM provided by community matrons. As well as providing nursing care, community matrons act as case managers.

They are a single point of contact for care, support, and advice, typically for a caseload of approximately 50 very high-intensity users.

They continued to develop their skills through action learning, working with other CM nurses involved in the project through monthly meetings in which they exchanged and learned from their experiences. Although the English studies did not specifically evaluate care integration, they reported positive experiences with better access to health care services and with better communication and coordination, in accordance with our study.

Further studies could examine patient experience of CM provided by other health care professionals such as social workers or medical assistants, 8 as well as the perspectives of clinicians and nurses who provide care. Further research could also compare cost and quality of services for patients who experienced case management and those who did not.

While the global experience of most patients and family members was very positive, some participants raised issues to consider when developing future CM interventions for frequent users.

Given the vulnerability of this clientele, the CM nurse should be able to do home visits with patients who have severe functional disabilities.

Ways to reduce travel costs and multiple visits should be encouraged.

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It is also important to ensure that patients fully understand CM at recruitment into the intervention and that they have ample opportunity to ask questions during the process. Strengths and Limitations of the Study Strengths of our study include the variety of backgrounds of the authors family medicine, nursing, social work, and anthropologywhich allowed for good triangulation of perspectives when analyzing the data.

On the other hand, although we tried to recruit participants with both positive and negative experiences of the CM intervention, it is possible that unsatisfied patients refused to participate in the interviews.

Implementation and evaluation of CM were done during the same period 6 months. Despite very positive experiences, it is possible that the intervention did not reach its full potential in that time. Although we reached data saturation in our interviews with the sample of patients, we consider that perceptions of family members could be further explored.

Finally, experience of any intervention designed for frequent users of health care services might depend on the health system payment and organization scheme in the country.

Previous Section Next Section Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge the patients and family members who participated in this study and Ms Susie Bernier for her editorial assistance.There is no question that digital video is garnering major consumer attention and that brands want to be a part of the experience.

In order to fulfill digital video’s long-term promise of delivering powerful brand advertising at scale, IAB is devoted to the advancement of the digital video medium in .

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A case study of international brand

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