A paper on chestnut ridge country club

Parking spaces are first come, first serve, and tend to fill up early for participating cruisers.

A paper on chestnut ridge country club

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A paper on chestnut ridge country club

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Order your Chestnut Ridge Country Club paper at affordable prices with livepaperhelp. Management or Decision Problem Despite Chestnut Ridge Country Club maintaining a reputation as one of the outstanding country clubs in the Elma,Tennessee, area, Chestnut has been experiencing shortages in the number of people seeking membership.

The board of directors believed that the membership applications at the three competing country clubs in the area were not experiencing the same thing. The board is perplexed as to why their club is experiencing these declines.


Research Problem and Objectives The marketing research problem is to help the board of directors of Chestnut Ridge gain insight into why the suspected decline in the number of people seeking membership is occurring. Custom writing service can write essays on Chestnut Ridge Country Club The specific objectives of the research are 1.

Research Design Since the board of directors of Chestnut Ridge did not have any hypothesis as to why the decline in membership applicants is decreasing the researchers used exploratory research to identify possible reasons.

Design of Data Collection A literature search of published research relating to country clubs uncovered no studies. Therefore, primary data collection through mail questionnaires of members from Alden, Chalet, Lancaster as well as Chestnut Ridge was used.

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Sampling Frame The chairman of each club provided the researchers with a list of all the names and addresses of the members of the club. Sampling Unit The unit being used in this sample was individuals members of each country club Sample Selection A simple random or probability sample was used.

Sample Size 6 usable surveys were returned from each group 5 surveys in total. Response Rate There was a response rate of 7 percent. Exploratory research is used to gain insights and ideas into a problem, therefore this design was a good choice because the board of directors did not have any hypothesis as to why Chestnut was experiencing the declines in membership applicants.

Question I do not believe it was unethical for the researchers not to disclose the identity of the sponsoring organization. If the researchers would have disclosed this information the study would not have been successful. That all changed when the chairman was going to get research done in return.

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I believe that is unethical. If the chairman has an obligation to his members this obligation should be held no matter what the circumstances. Question Overall, compared to Alden, Chalet, and Lancaster, Chestnut Ridge has a higher composite rating across all members. Specifically, Alden Club members rated Chestnut Ridge second overall the members rated their club 1st.

The same was found with Lancaster Club members. However, this was not found with the members of the Chalet Country Club, these members actually gave Chestnut Ridge the highest rating, while giving Chalet the lowest rating.

Question 4 After analyzing the results in table. Attitudes toward Chestnut Ridge by Members of the Other Country ClubsI decided that Chestnut Ridge might consider making improvements in areas that received a score of less than 5 out of 7 in order to attract additional members.

These areas included club management, food prices, condition and number of tennis courts, swimming pool, and membership rates.The Chestnut Ridge Country Club is a famous outstanding country clubs and it has a distinguished reputation in the Elma, Tennessee, area.

This club offers golf facilities, dining and banquet facilities for the customers, and the board of directors of Chestnut Ridge Club committed that the club will provide best facilities and services in the area.

An enigma to most people when mentioned, the Built-in Gutter was a mainstay of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on many of the historical properties of the Delaware Valley. Chestnut ridge country club has a distinguished reputation as an outstanding country club in the Elma Tennessee area in too many different aspects.

The club is facing a decline in the number of membership applicants relative to the competing clubs. Running and Road Races in Western New York. UNIT 3 CHESTNUG RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB 2 Always having been a highly reputable country club, Chestnut Ridge is now seeing a decline in club membership.

Due to this decline the board of directors decided to hire an outside marketing research company to survey members of all of the local country clubs in the Elma, Tennessee area; the other 3 are Alden, Lancaster and Chalet.

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