Alcoholism term paper

Alcoholism Alcohol use among teenagers is a serious problem and is responsible for death and injury in automobile accidents, physical and emotional disability, deterioration of academic performances, aggressive behavior that causes a number of other sociological problems in families and among friends. It is also the primary cause of criminal behavior and a leading cause of broken marriages. Many studies show that preteens are experimenting with alcohol and many are already heavy drinkers Cahalan

Alcoholism term paper

Niacin and Its Amide by A. The first water soluble vitamins were numbered in sequence according to priority of discovery. But after their chemical structure was determined they were given scientific names.

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The third one to be discovered was the anti-pellagra vitamin before it was shown to be niacin. But the use of the number B-3 did not stay in the literature very long. It was replaced by nicotinic acid and its amide also known medically as niacin and its amide. The name was changed to remove the similarity to nicotine, a poison.

Alcoholism term paper

The term vitamin B-3 was reintroduced by my friend Bill W. We met in New York in Humphry Osmond and I introduced him to the concept of mega vitamin therapy. We described the results we had seen with our schizophrenic patients, some of whom were also alcoholic.

We also told him about its many other properties.

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It was therapeutic for arthritis, for some cases of senility and it lowered cholesterol levels. Bill was very curious about it and began to take niacin, 3 g daily.

Within a few weeks fatigue and depression which had plagued him for years were gone. He gave it to 30 of his close friends in AA and persuaded them to try it.

Within 6 months he was convinced that it would be very helpful to alcoholics. Of the thirty, 10 were free of anxiety, tension and depression in one month.

Another 10 were well in two months. He decided that the chemical or medical terms for this vitamin were not appropriate. He wanted to persuade members of AA, especially the doctors in AA, that this would be a useful addition to treatment and he needed a term that could be more readily popularized.

He asked me the names that had been used. I told him it was originally known as vitamin B This was the term Bill wanted.alcoholism ALCOHOLISM Alcoholism is perhaps the most common form of drug abuse in America today.

In , in the United States 67% of all the population over the age of 12 reported drinking alcohol with in the previous year. It all started when I accidentally stumbled upon a paper by a few American psychologists.

They had traveled 8, miles, all the way to India, for a fascinating study.

Alcoholism term paper

Follow Dr Hoffer's instructions and see that niacin therapy is safe and effective. Dosages and supporting references are provided. Alcoholism Term Paper: Alcoholism is the disease which is based on the heavy and constant consumption of alcohol and physical and psychological dependence on it.

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Alcoholism is a very serious disease which has harmful impact on the physical and psychological functions of . Writing a Term Paper on Alcohol Addiction Alcohol addiction, and the associated problems of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, is a long-running concern in most societies.

It's widely recognized that the sheer scale of alcohol addiction makes it a far bigger issue than any other addictive drug except possibly tobacco, and even then the effects of alcohol make it more destructive to society.

What is alcoholism? According to the American Medical Association, “alcoholism is an illness characterized by significant impairment that is directly associated with persistent and excessive use.

An Introduction to Alcoholism