An analysis of the american dream in death of a salesman

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An analysis of the american dream in death of a salesman

Contact Author Death of a Salesman is a tragic tale about Willy Loman, a man who desperately seeks success in a country known for its limitless opportunities. Unfortunately, few are able to attain such lofty goals. In his journey, Willy loses sight of what is important and becomes completely blinded by the riches that he would have been able to attain.

Being a modern day tragedy, Death of a Salesman reveals the tragic side of the American Dream. The Free Encyclopedia It is true that in America we have the freedom to pursue our goals no matter how lofty they may seem, but in reality few are able to attain the great successes seen by a select few.

The majority of people find that the American dream is merely a dream and nothing else. Either people do not strive for such lofty goals or are unable to due to life events and bad choices. Willy Loman is among the majority. Willy Loman Source Choosing Money over Love The American dream brings hope to many, but some people become so clouded by the result of their goals that they lose sight of what is truly important.

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One critical essay denotes the significance of the materialistic American dream clashing with the individual. He thinks money provides satisfaction. Because he is focused on financial success, he often ignores the more important things in life.

It is clear that Willy truly loves his family, although he is very misguided. Despite his desperate desire to be rich, he makes sacrifices because he recognizes the importance of his wife and children.

For instance, he chooses to support his family rather than go on adventures with Ben and become rich. He feels a sense of shame that he has not attained the same riches as his brother and his father.

Although he is aware that his family is most important, money preoccupies most of his thoughts. In the end it is this preoccupation with financial matters that defeats him. In one respect he realizes that he should be looking towards his relationship with his sons, but he is still blinded by his love for money.

He thinks the way to bless his sons is by giving them riches in the only way he knows how. He believes he is doing the right thing for his family by committing suicide and ultimately giving his children the twenty-thousand dollars from his life insurance.The Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller - The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is a play about Willy Loman and his loving family.

The Allegory of the Cave is a symbol for the differences between thought up ideas and what we see as reality.

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Death of a Salesman is considered by many to be the quintessential modern literary work on the American dream, a term created by James Truslow Adams in his book, The Epic of America. This is somewhat ironic, given that it is such a dark and frustrated play.

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Willy Loman - An insecure, self-deluded traveling salesman. Willy believes wholeheartedly in the American Dream of easy success and wealth, but he never achieves it.

Nor do his sons fulfill his hope that they will succeed where he has failed. When Willy’s illusions begin to fail under the pressing. ACT ONE A melody is heard, played upon a flute.

It is small and fine, tell-ing of grass and trees and the horizon. The curtain rises.

An analysis of the american dream in death of a salesman

Before us is the Salesman’s house.

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