An analysis of the safety of our house as i was growing up

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An analysis of the safety of our house as i was growing up

Key findings from Now we are born This report introduced, for the first time, the children in the Growing Up in New Zealand cohort.

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The babies were born between 3 March and 14 Maymost at term. The cohort was made up of singletons, 89 pairs of twins and two sets of triplets. Current New Zealand recommendations recommend six months of exclusive breastfeeding.

We found exclusive breastfeeding stopped at four months. By nine months of age, the babies had been introduced to a wide range of solid foods, most commonly baby rice, or fruit and vegetables. Plunket was the most commonly reported source of information about infant diet and nutrition for mothers.

An unexpected finding was the nearly one-in-five families were receiving income from four or more sources. Most mothers reported that their babies were either in excellent or very good health at the age of nine months. At six weeks of age, almost three-quarters of the babies had been seen by Plunket.

Being a young mother or having high levels of financial or relationship stress increased the chances of a mother having poorer mental health postnatally. New Zealand European mothers were more likely to be drinking alcohol than mothers of any other ethnicity.

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Family stability and family environments Approximately nine out of 10 children had parents who had been in a stable relationship over the previous 12 months. Mothers under the age of 20, those without secondary school qualifications, and those living in the most deprived areas were most likely to have experienced a change in their relationship status.

Approximately one-quarter of the cohort are growing up in an extended family situation and approximately one in 12 children were being brought up by a mother without a current partner. Over half of the mothers who had taken leave used two or three types of leave to cover their time away from employment.

An analysis of the safety of our house as i was growing up

Child care Returning to work or study was the main reason for why over of the cohort children spent time an average of 20 hours per week being looked after by someone other than their parents at nine months of age.

The types of main child care providers used at nine months differ notably by ethnicity. Top Key findings from Before we are born Our families are increasingly diverse. They are very different from those of previous generations, and vastly different from those families involved in earlier longitudinal studies in New Zealand.

We interviewed parents while pregnant and began to see more of this diversity and what it means for the next generation of New Zealand children. Our children are being born into varied family structures - extended, non-kin and without other adults.

One in three are born to at least one parent who did not grow up here and where at least one parent is multilingual. Household resources Four out of every 10 children are born into a family living in our most deprived areas.

Almost half of all families are living in rental accommodation when their child is born. Perhaps in part related to housing tenure, our families are highly mobile with over half of all families moving more than twice in the last five years. Both mothers and partners would like to take more leave.

Many parents in the most deprived areas were not aware of government support programmes.

An analysis of the safety of our house as i was growing up

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