Assisted suciede yes or no

It could be said that these are just animals and not as important to you as humans should be. That is pure unadulterated BUNK! Unlike human children, who eventually abandon you for their own lives, even though they may show up more likely text or phone for money or even end up living with you when they have exhausted all other ways to destroy their credit ratings and any relationships they may have developed with others.

Assisted suciede yes or no

A Right or a Wrong? But Matthew Donnelly wanted to die. For the past thirty years, Matthew had conducted research on the use of X-rays.

Now, skin cancer riddled his tortured body. He had lost his nose, his left hand, two fingers on his right hand, and part of his jaw. He was left blind and was slowly deteriorating. The pain was unrelenting. Doctors estimated that he had a year to live. Lying in bed with teeth clenched from the excruciating pain, he pleaded to be put out of his misery.

Matthew wanted to die now. His pleas went unanswered. Harold was tried for murder. This article was published 26 years ago.

Do you think an answer was ever found? For some perhaps, but to others I doubt it. What struck me was the actual question. No, it was how the question was phrased. Is assisted suicide a Right as in a civil or human right?

Or, is assisted suicide a Wrong as in an offense or injustice?

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The presumption here may be that this moral question was already settled in the mind of the authors; therefore, the only question remaining was whether such action was protected under the constitution or prosecutable.

For me, the moral question is settled. I harbor no confusion over whether suicide is right or wrong, and I have peace with my position. I am hopeful that my decision reflects my hope and faith that someone other than the man in the mirror holds the reins over my life.

But what about assisting someone else to terminate their life? Each of us will have to stand before the judgment seat of the Almighty my belief and opinion and answer for the decisions and actions we took in this life. So if I take my life, I have to deal with that at some point.

I am taking that decision away from the Righteous One; however, is this any different if I take my own life? You might say an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God cannot have any decision taken or usurped from Him. But free will undercuts this argument because each of us has a free will. So while our decision to terminate as well as the when and how are already known by God, the right to execute our will is still reserved for us.

Given this then, it would appear that the final judgment we will face might be ever the more frightening since such a decision reflects the antithesis of faith, trust, and hope in Him as our Sovereign Lord. Free will it seems is the problem. It was in garden during the most critical decision making dilemma in human history and it will be at the end of life.

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Reading the article paragraph provided in this post again, one can readily hear the pain and anguish such a decision caused both Matthew and Harold. Is Assisted Suicide a Right or a Wrong?

I have no doubt that there are hundreds of situations just like this that occur across the nation all the time. How can Assisted Suicide be wrong?

Assisted suciede yes or no

A counter to this argument might be that it is the master to whom this right is reserved.The Justice Department's brief to the Supreme Court over the issue of assisted suicide might seem ambiguous. The brief allows for the states to make exceptions to their homicide laws so that doctor assisted suicides would be permitted.

Assisted suicide is the act of deliberately assisting or encouraging another person to kill themselves. If a relative of a person with a terminal illness obtained strong sedatives, knowing that the person intended to use the sedatives to kill themselves, they may be considered to be assisting suicide.

Oct 03,  · The only reason why I support the legalization of assisted suicide and suicide in general is simply to give these people a level of visibility where others can reach out and help them.

Reasons to Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide Part of the Physician-Assisted Suicide Series. Physician-Assisted Suicide; The "Choice" of Physician-Assisted Suicide Is an Illusion. Laws allowing it are ripe for abuse.

For instance, once the lethal prescription is handed to the patient, there is no accountability of what takes place next. John B. Kelly Testimony in strong opposition to AB2x 15 September 3, Members of the Finance Committee: If you are opposed to the death penalty, I hope you will have second thoughts about legalized assisted suicide.

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The Right to Assisted Suicide