Every essay is from an actual copy of an exam, taken during the California Bar Exam and graded by the California Committee of Bar Examiners. Our essays are not manufactured by a review course or "model" answers. These are actual unedited essays, written by actual exam-takers, during the actual exam, with the same stress and time restraints you will have. discount

My often rude and rarely funny thoughts on pictures, politics, and the life of a happily distracted public defender. Yes, this is a mildly odd way to waste your time. A few friends have asked me what worked for me after failing then repeating and passing the bar exam.

Here's what I replied over email to them, please let me know if there's anything to add in the comments: There are three main things that mattered for me and may matter for you as I studied for the exam a second time: Can you get an affordable bar study loan? discount

Work part time for 12 weeks with the last two weeks off? Not work at all? I took barbri and both PMBR courses my first time. This was a good amount of time for me because I started pretty early, but others will find their situation is very different.

The other materials are for studying the subjects — the Survival Guide is a set of condensed outlines which are not perfect, but a really excellent summary to memorize.

There are also flash cards which are almost identical to the Survival Guide text. I made my own flash cards as per the Essay Intensive suggestion — I found it worked very well, but for three subjects I ran out of time and knew they were less likely to appear on the exam though one of them did.

I think everyone should get the 2 volumes and the survival guide, but flash cards are a maybe. Email me if you want a more detailed review of his class and his method.

Absolute necessity for repeaters, should be used by first time takers too. I really liked this method. This is super important, Adachi and The Bar Code agreed on this, keep the answers short.

If you think there has to be more on the issue, separate it out onto another card. This will be part of you studying for the first 12 weeks and it will be all of you memorization practice for the last two weeks.

Memorizing at the end is very important, see the Adachi book for the reasoning here — this made a HUGE difference for me as the first time I spend the first 10 weeks memorizing, then the last two weeks practicing essays — totally backwards! I thought this was a good combination of affordable and focused on my weaknesses I needed to make up on my PT and Essay scores which apparently is common.

Finally, you'll know more when you get your score back i. I freaked out quite a bit afterwards and did far too much research about the different programs that were available, but focused on the Bay Area.May 18,  · If You Failed the California Bar Exam: repeater info - what to do next?

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Last week, I was introduced to, which is an online essay question and performance exam/answer database for the California bar. was nice enough to give me a login to check out its site and share with you how I think it may add value to your bar study. | BarEssays FAQ