Is knowledge a burden or a benefit sat essay

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Is knowledge a burden or a benefit sat essay

In agriculture, medicine, and industry, for example, knowledge has liberated us from hunger, disease and tedious labor. Today, however, our knowledge has become so powerful that it is beyond our control. We know how to do many things, but we do not know when, where, or even We know how to do many things, but we do not know when, where, or even whether this know-how should be used.

Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit? Knowledge, in the wrong hands, spells out a recipe for disaster, that is, it will be more of a burden than a benefit. Granted, knowledge and wisdom have liberated us from some of our current pressing problems such as natural calamities, hunger, and disease.

Is knowledge a burden or a benefit sat essay

However, when the infinite power of knowledge is used to achieve wrong ends, the results can be cataclysmic. History as well as our advances in science and technology exemplify this fact.


The dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II is a prime example of how the ill-usage of knowledge can be a huge burden and lead to tragedy. During this period, scientists had just realized the incredible potential of uranium and plutonium; they also realized that if improperly used, it could lead to devastating consequences.

When political leaders in the U. The scientists were powerless against such prominent figures and so were forced to do so. This ultimately led to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulting in an incomprehensible amount of casualties. In the same vein, advances in science in science and technology can actually create a new set of problems while solving another set.

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Recent advances in machinery has led to increased efficiency with greater output. This has made mass production of items economically feasible.

But at what cost? Machines are replacing human workers which ultimately leads to a shortage of jobs; the unemployment rate sharply increases. The fuel required to power such machines pollutes the environment, leading to environmental degradation.

In short, a multitude of problems are created while trying to solve a different set of problems. This shows how sometimes, knowledge can indeed be a burden. It is true that knowledge has led to advances in a vast array of fields. But if we do not know where, when, and even whether this know-how should be used, we will never know how to apply it for the right cause, and it will be a bane instead of a boon.

Thus, knowledge can sometimes be more of a burden than a benefit.When working with admissions consulting clients, we coach them on how to select the best people to write their letters of recommendation.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, hopefully by now you know that they need to know. I'm studying for the SATs on my own, and I could really use some help perfecting my essay-writing ability. Prompt: Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

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The prompt is simply, "Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?". My thesis is "Knowledge can be a burden rather than a benefit because having knowledge might stifle creativity and knowledge could be abused." There are 2 parts to it.

The other 2 examples are . Nov 15,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Essay example Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?? Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?Status: Resolved.

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