Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

Difference column displays the mean cost in the inadequate column subtracted from the mean cost in the adequate column.

Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

The major obstacle to extending these results by examining the relationship between health literacy and spending is the lack of data containing measures of both. Some insight about the impact of health literacy on costs can be gleaned from studies that examine the impact of years of schooling on medical costs, but health literacy is a fundamentally different concept from educational attainment Davis et al.

At least one study has examined the association between general literacy and costs Weiss et al. Furthermore, inpatient and outpatient costs were not analyzed separately and the analysis did not control for confounding patient characteristics.

Another paper by the same author Weiss shows large differences in costs by grade reading level in a Medicaid population Weiss,but descriptions of the methods and data are not available. This study examines the relationship between health literacy and costs using a unique dataset combining cost information from an administrative claims file and a health literacy measure from a beneficiary survey.

Multivariate techniques are used to adjust for underlying differences in respondents' characteristics. Data Description Health literacy data were collected as part of a survey of persons enrolling in a Prudential Medicare health maintenance organization between December of and August of in one of four locations: New Prudential Medicare members were contacted three months after enrollment, and those meeting the eligibility criterion were asked to complete an in-person survey.

In order to be included in the study, members had to be comfortable speaking either English or Spanish, living in the community, and possess adequate visual and cognitive function. A detailed description of the survey and data has been published elsewhere Gazmararian et al.

Prudential administrative claims databases were used to compute annual health expenditures from the date of enrollment for all eligible enrollees by site of service inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, and pharmacy. The claims database includes costs for all medical services used by enrollees associated with insurance reimbursement.

The cost for each service is the sum of Prudential's reimbursement and the beneficiary's out-of-pocket payment.

Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

Table B-1 presents evidence on how closely the study sample represents the U. The first column of the table presents summary statistics for the 3, responders, the second for the 3, nonresponders, and the third for participants of comparable age in the household component of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey MEPS for a description see Cohen et al.

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Differences between samples were assessed using one-way analysis of variance ANOVA tests by group for three-sample comparisons of continuous variables and chi-squared tests for two-sample comparisons of binary variables. ANOVA tests for differences in the cost variables were performed on the natural logarithm of costs to make the variable conform to the normality assumption underlying the F-test.

Compared to nonresponders and the MEPS sample, responders incurred higher inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, and pharmacy expenditures. There were also small differences in average age 0. Compared to MEPS respondents, Prudential respondents were less likely to need assistance with at least one activity of daily living but more likely to need assistance with at least one instrumental activity of daily living.

Differences in survey administration may account for some of these inconsistencies Wiener et al. Spending differences between the Prudential population and the MEPS sample, which is nationally representative, may reflect the fact that study participants reside primarily in large urban areas, where reimbursement rates tend to be higher.

South Florida, one of the locales from which respondents were drawn, is known to have the highest level of per beneficiary Medicare spending in the country Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences, The study population may also differ in health status.

While Medicare managed care plans tend to enroll a healthier mix of beneficiaries compared to the traditional Medicare program Hellinger and Wong,managed care plans that offer generous prescription drug coverage or require little in the way of cost-sharing may attract beneficiaries with chronic conditions.

A final explanation for the cost differences is that MEPS fails to capture a large portion of spending for Medicare beneficiaries due to restrictive sampling criteria Selden et al. This study combined data from the marginal and inadequate groups to increase statistical power, as no significant cost differences were found between these two groups in preliminary analyses.

Table B-2 displays detailed summary statistics by health literacy level for the responders.

Teacher assignments: provide opportunities for practice, reinforcement, self-assessment, exploration, and reflection. Classwork engages students in active learning, individually or with others, and provides an opportunity for interaction between teachers and students. That students will meet or exceed the national expectations in Numeracy and Literacy with the support and guidance of the teaching staff. achieve educational success with pride in their unique identity, language and culture as Maori. and continue to pursue high levels of teaching practice identifying priority learners and providing the. Learning Disabilities Research Centers (P50) Activity Code. P50 Specialized or individuals developing foundational literacy or numeracy skills in transition programs. The goal of the pilot project effort is to provide opportunities for a new cohort of investigators to leverage the broader LDRC activities such that they can develop their.

Differences between groups were assessed using chisquared tests for binary variables and t-tests for continuous variables. Persons with inadequate health literacy had lower incomes and fewer years of schooling. More Caucasian subjects had adequate than inadequate health literacy, while more African Americans and Spanish-speaking Hispanics had inadequate health literacy.EDC – Diversity and Pedagogy Chapter One Embracing Inclusion Knowledge – a conceptual or practical understanding of a subject, topic or field.

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