The catfish dispute

Summary of the dispute to date The summary below was up-to-date at Consultations Complaint by Viet Nam. Viet Nam considers that these measures are inconsistent with the United States' obligations under:

The catfish dispute

The main argument concerns the import volume of catfish from Vietnam which results in lower profits for U. Department of Commerce against frozen catfish from Vietnam. First, the CFA filed for a food labeling claims which forced Vietnamese imported catfish to be labeled "Made in Vietnam". Most recently, a catfish quality investigation in program was implemented to verify the quality of catfish by Vietnamese producers.

The unresolved catfish disputes affect not only the producers but the consumers in both countries. S[4] Incatfish producers in Vietnam bred over 1. InVietnamese catfish captured around 20 percent of American frozen fish market. The Association of Catfish Farmers of America represented these American domestic producers to file lawsuits against the mass imports of Vietnamese catfish starting in Food labeling claims Inthe CFA decided to propose a food label policy.

Senate favored this claim and passed a law implemented by the Food and Drug Administration FDA to require all Vietnamese catfish to be labeled either "Tra" or " Basa ". This action aimed to provide customers with more accurate and verifiable choice between foreign and domestically grown catfish.

In addition, the CFA ran an ad that encourage American consumers not to trust foreign catfish because of their breeding origin. Food-labeing practices are considered a method of protectionism, it is important to have verifiable evidences for the claim. However, the FDA's claim of Vietnamese catfish were unsanitary without proper evidences or investigation could be misleading to consumers, as well as putting Vietnamese producers in potentially unequal trade position.

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The Vietnamese producers responded that their low costs of production were due to cheaper labor, and favorable producing condition. Nevertheless, a delegation from the Department of Commerce was sent to investigate the anti-dumping claims.

The catfish dispute

Inthe CFA won the case of anti-dumping, and authorized tariffs of up to 64 percent on the Vietnamese catfish. This system is equivalent to U. The law also put the U. Department of Agriculture in charge of deciding the category and definition of catfish instead of the FDA.

The catfish dispute

Aftermath The catfish trade disputes affect the Vietnamese producers significantly, since they have agreed to the quota imposed by the US. Nevertheless, the amount of frozen fish imported to the U. Without the cheap catfish from Vietnam, U.

US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Talks – What’s on the Agenda? - Vietnam Briefing News

Consumers now will bear the costs of the label process as well as the USDA inspection requirement on each pound of catfish that they buy from domestic producers. Experts even predict that the action against foreign producers would force consumers to buy more Vietnamese catfish.

agreement trade dispute between the United States and Vietnam.s The dispute escalated further in when U.S. catfish producers filed an anti-dumping complaint against Vietnamese catfish farmers with the.  · Lake Malawi, also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Niassa in Mozambique, is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the East African Rift system, located between Malawi, Mozambique and  · Vietnam's adversaries are America's catfish farmers, who have spent millions of marketing dollars to transform the image of the fish dubbed "river rats" into a

Furthermore, other commodities and goods imported from Vietnam would likely to be at higher prices as Vietnam sought to retaliate in the dispute. Solution The trade war for catfish has been unresolved for decades without a definite winner.

Vietnamese officials have stated their concern of the new inspection program in as a disguise of protectionism.

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· Unspoken in the catfish dispute is an Agriculture Department regulation requiring that any country that exports meat or poultry products to the United States set up a domestic inspection system  · IN ESSENCE, the dispute is simple: cheap imports of Vietnamese catfish threaten to put United States' producers with higher costs out of “The Vietnamese catfish importers are enjoying the fruits of our work,” This was the main discontent of the domestic (US) catfish industry.

Undoubtedly, the catfish farmers had put a lot of effort in improving the aquaculture technology to raise the catfish with better quality; thus, raised the press release on catfish dispute. vietnam association of seafood exporters and producers (vasep) press release the united states should be impartial and objective in resolving the tra and basa dumping dispute.

If Vietnam can achieve market-economy status, it would also reveal the country’s evolution as an increasingly open economy, and free the country from the application of protectionist policies, such as countervailing duty cases, including in relation to the ongoing catfish Delta Blues: U.S.-Vietnam Catfish Trade Dispute (A) Case Solution, Browse the growing tensions between national development strategies and international trade rules.

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