Uber business plan mumbai

After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! Fishman found a Russian developer on RentACoder.

Uber business plan mumbai

On the lurid-red crate, fenced in by a metal rim, are 30 or so silver tins, sides dented and lids clattering under the strain of the ascent.

uber business plan mumbai

Kedari, now 47, has been a dabbawala for more than three decades. Organised in a co-operative, they enjoy job security and command respect in this toughest of Indian cities. Kedari started skipping school before he was Mostly, he played around in the fields where his parents cultivated a subsistence-sized plot of rice, millet and onions.

He learnt to ride a bike, the stock-in-trade of the dabbawala. Feeding people is a worthwhile occupation. Even FedEx, which supposedly knows something about logistics, has paid them a visit.

The dabbawalas conduct sometransactions daily —boxes are delivered to offices every morning andare returned home every afternoon — six days a week, 51 weeks a year. Among the explanations for such supposed accuracy, the Harvard Business Review honed in on four: Kedari had a minor role in a scene in which the dabbawalas chant a religious song.

Yet the focus on an error has not endeared the film to its protagonists. Dashrat Kedari carries tiffin boxes down the stairs at Santacruz station This morning, as on most days, Kedari started at 8am, when uber business plan mumbai left his one-room home — shared with his wife and two children — in the sprawling working-class district of Jogeshwari.

An hour later, he had begun his regular route, picking up boxes from middle-class residents in Andheri West, ready for lunchtime delivery to the office blocks that seem to spring up daily in this fervently commercial city of 20 million people.

The morning round is hectic. Pick-ups at each residence are limited to 30 seconds, a minute tops. If Kedari arrives late, or if the dabba is not ready for collection, the whole timetable can careen into chaos. At each door, he rings the bell and, after a brief pause, someone emerges with a tiffin box packed with a home-cooked lunch ready for collection; the box has several stacked metal compartments to keep the flavours separate.

Most of the families who use the dabbawala service have particular dietary requirements. Parsis, descendants of Zoroastrians from Iran, and Gujaratis from the state that neighbours Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, have distinctive cuisines.

The lunchbox she has prepared contains curried vegetables, dal, rice and freshly made chapattis. There are about 30 in all. The arrangement looks more than a little precarious.

The literate are no use in this industry. Most dabbawalas have stuck to carts or push bikes, which are easy to manoeuvre through the narrow lanes and clogged traffic. He soon reaches Andheri railway station, where other dabbawalas have gathered.

Each has brought two dozen or more tiffin boxes, many of them wrapped in heat-preserving covers, from the Andheri neighbourhood.

These are now arranged, seemingly haphazardly, on the pavement opposite the station. All around is the tooting of motorised rickshaws and the confusion of commuters.

The dabbawalas busily sort the tins into batches according to their codes.

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Few tiffins are picked up and dispatched by one dabbawala — like many big logistics companies, the dabbawalas operate a hub-and-spoke system. Most tiffins reach their destination via several pairs of hands. Tiffin tins, or 'dabbas' By now, Kedari has arranged his crate, which will go to Lower Parel further down the line.

Tiffin tins rattling on his head, he makes for the platform and boards the train for Santacruz, where he needs to change on to another line. Kedari hauls his load to the top of the stairs and rounds the corner on to a walkway running across the tracks. In the busy thrum of an Indian station, few give the sight of the dabbawala and his careering tiffin boxes a second glance.

Halfway along the walkway, tiled in black-and-white squares and blotched with red betel-nut spit like a blood-splattered chessboard, Kedari heads back down a stairway on to another platform.

He marches purposefully along until he reaches an unmarked spot in the glaring sun. Sweat slides down the back of his neck, though he professes not to feel the heat. With the aid of his companion Ganesh — who has suddenly appeared — he heaves the groaning crate to the ground.

A train shunts into the station. Passengers in the crowded compartments lean out of the doors even before it stops. As it hisses to a halt, the small carriage reserved for luggage stops exactly at the spot where Kedari has set down his tiffins on the platform.In this post i am going to share some business opportunity with Uber Cabs by attaching your car with them.

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Bangalore, the electronic city is a blooming option for all those planning to set up a business of their own. Owing to the employment trends in India, most young people have shifted their focus from getting a good job to build up an empire of their own.

Read more about Bankruptcy case: UltraTech to pay Rs 73 bn for 98% stake in Binani Cement on Business Standard. The Aditya Birla group firm had offered this amount to resolution professional during insolvency process but its bid was rejected. After a night of drinking, Kenny Bachman called Uber for a ride home but didn’t realize the address he put in was his address in Gloucester, New Jersey, miles and a five-hour car ride away.

It feels a bit rudimentary at the moment, but with messaging features onboard, WhatsApp Business has plenty of chances of turning into something really big.

Indeed, that is the one question that WhatsApp takes seriously. WhatsApp Business, is purely meant for businesses.

uber business plan mumbai

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