Vit l t test

With all the medical advances in the 20 th century, Vitamin D3 deficiency is still an epidemic. The problem is that most people avoid the sun these days due to fears of skin cancer. Just think about plants and what happens to them when they avoid the sun. Eventually, Vitamin D deficiency may even lead to Cancer especially breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

Vit l t test

Additional notes on how to do chelation protocol: Chelation is an important process of eliminating toxic metals from the body. The process may take from two to twelve months.

Vit l t test

We will be going through the steps of oral chelation. There are, however, some important tenets to follow: A high fiber diet is required see additional notes on diet. In order to eliminate toxins from your system, your body must be maintained in an alkaline state. This may be accomplished by eliminating junk food sugar, processed food, and refined carbohydratesred meat, alcohol, etc.

You should Vit l t test at least bowel movements daily. If a problem exists, use stool softeners such as sugar-free Metamucil and One Beyond Fiber. Drink 3 quarts of water daily to hydrate the system and wash out the toxins.

Repeat blood work and provocation test every two months. To minimize side effects, start with mg at night and gradually increase to a full dose over a week time frame.

The most common side effects are gastrointestinal: There can also be transient liver enzyme elevation. If gastrointestinal symptoms bother you, use Peppermint tea or tablets, or activated charcoal caps at night. If a rash occurs notify a physician. L-Glycine is a non-essential amino acid abundantly present in food.

Consume 2 hours prior to DMSA. Its role is to transport metals from inside the cells to the outside of the cells where it can be bound by DMSA and removed from the body.

Multivitamins with minerals are essential. Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid reduces toxicity by eliminating multiple toxins, including heavy metals. Vitamin C dosage is calculated by using the Vitamin C flush test see below. NAC N-acetyl-cysteine increases glutathione body levels.

This is the main amino acid helping in detoxification.

Vit l t test

Alpha-lipoid acid is a powerful antioxidant that mobilizes heavy metals to enhance the chelation process. It has a protective effect on the nervous system. It protects the kidneys by blocking the absorption of arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.

It improves the glutathione level as well. Magnesium is one of the most deficient nutrients in toxic patients. They tend to excrete high amounts of magnesium.

Hydroxy vitamin D test: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Magnesium is an essential element in over enzymatic body reactions. It is essential for proper liver function activity. If the dose is too high, the only side effect would be loose bowel movements.

Selenium Picolinate is an essential mineral that increases the glutathione level and reduces toxicity. A deficiency results in chelation side effects. Liver function and Psyllium are needed to bind toxins in the bowel thus preventing their re-absorption. They also increase hepatic enzyme activity, increase daily fecal bile concentration and excretion, lower cholesterol and lower elevated blood sugar.

Vitamin E IU as mixed tocopherols is an important antioxidant for membrane stabilization.

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It reduces the body mercury level.The B vitamins are nutrients that the body requires in small amounts (micronutrient) for metabolism, energy production, and for cell, skin, bone, muscle, organ, and nervous system health. B vitamin tests measure these specific compounds in the blood or urine to help evaluate a person's nutritional status.

If you have had your vitamin D levels tested, it’s important to understand what the results mean, and what action you might need to take. The blood test that measures vitamin D is called a 25(OH)D blood test. The most sensitive test for vitamin B12 deficiency at the cellular level is the assay for MMA.

If clinical symptoms suggest deficiency, measurement of MMA and homocysteine should be considered, even if serum vitamin B12 concentrations are normal. Folate. GP “eventually” decided to another routine blood test and included vit d.

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I'm not taking B6, or any other B (well B9, but everything says that can't get high, could cause b12 level probs, but nothing about b6 or the b9 having any side effects whatsoever), I haven't taken even my multi vit in months, and I looked up the food lists, I haven't eaten hardly any of .

Are you getting enough Vitamin D3?