Writing a recommendation letter for citizenship

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Writing a recommendation letter for citizenship

Application for Citizenship by reason virtue of marriage. I Rashid Hasib Passport no -- an Indian resident working in Namibia since -- on a valid working permit hereby apply for citizenship in Namibian by reason virtue of marriage. In I moved to Namibia after visiting many other countries like U.

E, Kenya, DRC, etc. I worked for Reliance Motors Windhoek and then later after my marriage I moved to pacific motors in Oshikango.

This has probably already been explained in granting your work permit, so you don't need to explain it again. All you need to say is that by law, you are entitled to citizenship status because you are married to a citizen, and give evidence of your marriage.

My work involves organizing meetings and events, producing sales reports and other administrative correspondence, which also gave me the opportunity to work and interact with various kinds of people in different levels.

This has been a very gratifying experience for me, which I feel will stand me in good stead in the future. Personally, I am a highly enthusiastic and motivated person who works well alone or as part of a team.

This sounds more like a job application. It is not very relevant to your request. You should say that you have a stable job situation, but not all the details about your skills, etc. The most important fact is your marriage - that is the only basis for your applicaiton.

You may have to attach your marriage certificate to prove its validity. Also give the exact date of your marriage and who signed the certificate. Your wife's business is not really relevant for your application. In Februarywe were blessed gifted with a beautiful baby girl making our family submerged in happiness — making that day memorable for all of us.

The important thing which is happening in my family is that we are exchanging cultural and traditional views thus making my family as a multicultural. Your blissful state of marriage is wonderful, but not really mportant for your application.

Put your address at the top of the letter. Since I have been Namibia I have been paying all my taxes on time and I have adhered to all the requirements of the Receiver of Revenue relevant documentation have attached This is important.

You can also say that you have been an outstanding citizen and have obeyed all the laws, maintained a valid work permit, and contributed to the community.

Your consideration in this matter will be highly appreciated. I look forward hearing from you soon. You have not asked for anything - for example, what is the next step?

Is there an application fee? Do I have to take a citizenship test or an oath? How long will the process take? How sooncan I apply for a passport?

Teacher recommendation letter - Free Sample Letters

Will I be able to retain my current citizenship, having dual citizenship?Ideally the person writing the letter of support has known the couple since before the marriage and until the present time.

When submitting I affidavits to USCIS, experts recommend a typed letter.

writing a recommendation letter for citizenship

Every I affidavit should cover these basic points: Full name and address of affiant Green Card Renewal (Form I), the Citizenship. Guidelines For Writing Letters of Recommendation The following guidelines are provided to assist you in formatting letters to allow for ease of distribution by our staff.

Please contact the Letter Service at () or by email if you have any questions. The length of a personal letter of recommendation will vary, but the formatting should more or less remain the same. The layout is as follows; date, salutation, introduction, body, .

Beyond these minimum elements, the writer is free to (and should) use their own writing style and sharing of information and facts about you based on their personal knowledge of you. But the letter should contain at least these elements.

Teachers who need help writing letters of recommendation can use the following tips. 1. Include a personal story: "I think too oftentimes the letters are really formal and stuffy," says Couch. Our Letter of Recommendation Sample. To the Selection Committee: It is a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for my student, Eric Marsh, to support him in his application for a residency position at Mercy Hospital.

REFERENCE LETTERS These slides provide important information about the purpose of A reference letter, also called a recommendation letter, is usually written to testify to a person’s skills, character, experience, and/or achievements. materials that will help the person writing the letter of reference accurately describe you. You may also. This teacher recommendation letter template is a complete writing guide for you when it comes to write a teacher recommendation timberdesignmag.com we all fairly know that teachers are professionals work in various academic institutes such as school, colleges and academies to help students in learning their lessons as well as to chase their academic goals. Letter of reference submission must be completed through the Letter of Recommendation Portal online. LoR authors must register through ERAS on the Letter of Recommendation Portal, and use a letter.
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